Archiving Solution

Flexible documents storage and archive

Unlock the full potential of our NF461 certified (ISO 14641-1) digital document archiving solution. Our flexible solution guarantees the integrity and authenticity of your documents, a must-have for storing electronically signed documentation 

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Configurable workflows 

Our solution provides customizable workflows for the transfer, validation, and deletion of documents according to the needs of your specific organization. The proper workflows and user permissions guarantee the security of your documents. 

Several storage methods are available:

  • Powerful API
  • Configurable upload form
  • Single or bulk document upload and storage.  

Advanced search tools 

The advanced search tools help you find the required documents based on multiple criteria, including custom ones based on your document typology. Finding the correct document has never been easier. 

Our solution is based on custom mappings of your processes and document types. It also includes granular profile management and dynamic classification and filing plans. 

  • Single sign-on available (SSO) 
  • User plans with granular access to documents 
  • Dynamic modification of the document typology  

Complete digital trust solution

Streamline your entire digitalization process by choosing a trusted provider that offers a complete trust solution with the highest level of compliance with the eIDAS regulation. Benefit from a single source of truth for your signatories, signatures, archiving, and storage needs. Your documents and other artefacts will be securely hosted on our sovereign cloud (ISO27001 – HDS certified).  

What is NF 461?

The French standard covering specifications for the design and operation of Electronic Archiving Systems is NF Z42- 013. This standard has been transposed into the international standard: ISO 14641-1. The NF461 certification process meets both French and international standards and is issued to companies that meet the complete list of requirements. 

Note: the ISO 14641-1 standard is reviewed every five years and is due for an update in 2023.