Procurement & Finance

Security and paperless procedures

The dematerialization of business processes allows companies to improve their internal document management. However, this acceleration of dematerialization must not be achieved at the expense of customer knowledge (of individuals or legal entities such as suppliers).

Verify new customers, vendors, and partners in a few seconds.

Complete all KYC/KYB processes from the same platform to stay compliant and transparent with external and internal regulations. 

  • Verify suppliers and partners to mitigate the risk of scams, counterfeit products, and suspicious transactions. 
  • Prevent fraud by verifying stakeholders’ identities and assessing their financial history. 
  • Ensure regulatory compliance in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. 
  • Manage risks by assessing financial history, business relationships, and relevant information for informed decision-making. 

Discover how our KYC (ID check) solution combines AI with human intelligence to accelerate onboarding with a pass rate close to 100%. 

Accelerate contractual processes

Electronic signatures help finance and procurement departments have many advantages that apply to different types of documents, such as:  

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Internal approvals
  • Funding Applications
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Purchasing management
  • Contract management
  • Legal compliance of invoices: Time-stamped electronic stamps. 
  • Delegation of authority

Beyond the many opportunities offered by electronic signatures, our e-signature solution allows you to reduce delays, increase efficiency, improve traceability, and comply with legal standards. 

Manage and organize your documents.

Finding and preserving signed documents can be challenging, especially when compliance requires long-term retention. Key features:

  • Retention of financial documents (invoices, contracts, etc.). 
  • Regulatory compliance (shelf life, traceability). 
  • Facilitation of internal or external audits. 
  • Effective management of contracts with suppliers. 
  • Dematerialization of processes for more efficiency
  • Advanced financial data security. 
  • Facilitates collaboration and secure sharing

An NF461-certified archiving solution improves security while enabling more collaborative processes for finance and procurement departments. 

Store your documents with peace of mind.

Securely storing sensitive information and documents is a requirement for finance and purchasing departments. With our storage solution, you can: 

  • Secure storage of financial documents such as tax returns, financial reports, contracts, invoices, bank statements, etc. 
  • Managing suppliers and contracts by centralizing agreements with suppliers and facilitating their follow-up. 
  • Security of sensitive data with advanced authentication, encryption, and access controls. 
  • Audit and compliance with financial regulations. 
  • Secure collaboration by allowing controlled access to documents within the team. 
  • Management of invoices and payments by organizing invoices and proof of payment. 
  • Document archiving and retention to preserve critical information. 

Our enterprise-class file vault meets the NFZ42-020 standard and is hosted on our sovereign cloud, which is ISO27001 and HDS (Hébergeur de Données de Santé) certified.