Secure File Vault

Host Your Apps and Files in a Sovereign Cloud

Collaborate securely using our file vault solution ensuring data security, integrity, confidentiality, and traceability. Our complete trust platform empowers you to establish data governance, security, retention, and sharing policies across all your teams and functions.

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Guarantied Document Integrity 

Our solution offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that simplifies the filing and searching of your documents. Dynamic document classification rules and a visual display further enhance the organization and accessibility of your data. With our robust redundancy system, you can maintain two complete copies of your data, ensuring its integrity and availability at all times.

Confidential Information Sharing 

Whether for punctual sending or collaborative work, our solution provides top-notch security guarantees for sharing even the most sensitive documents. Key features include: 

  • Creation of sharing spaces with specific access rights. 
  • Protection of shared files with our advanced encryption security system. 
  • Secure messaging to facilitate document exchange. 
  • Access provisioning for easier data management. 

Additional document digitization use cases like verification, signing, and sharing, are also available from our integrated trust solutions.

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Security and Traceability 

Our solution’s flexibility allows you to maintain control over part of your infrastructure. You can integrate our vault seamlessly with your existing identity system (IAM) or key manager. File data is encrypted during transmission, ensuring end-to-end protection. Additionally, all operations are meticulously logged by our private blockchain, providing an immutable, transparent record of all activity. 

The extra layer of transparency and security helps health insurance companies that process and store highly-sensitive health documents.

Solution Integrated with Electronic Signatures

You can confidently store all your documents and files in our NF461-certified compliant vault hosted in our secure sovereign cloud (ISO 27001 – HDS). This seamless integration protects your data with the highest security and regulatory compliance. 

To ensure the integrity of your data throughout the entire document value chain, we offer a complete trust solutions suite that covers all steps in your digital document journey: from identification to signature.

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