KYC – Identity check

Verify your customers' identity with confidence.

Simplify customer onboarding with our KYC solution, fully integrated into your business processes. With our KYC platform, analyzing your customers’ information has never been easier or more secure.

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Flexible and Scalable Solution 

Our KYC solution offers an intuitive, fast, and secure experience, automatically verifying the authenticity of identity documents and certifying the holder’s identity. Regardless of your target user profile, be it prospective customers, patients, or employees, our solution assists you in efficiently analyzing information from various identification documents without increasing the risk profile.  

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100% recognition of identity

Our AI carries out an initial analysis in just a few seconds. If it is incomplete, our experts at be ys outsourcing services take over to provide all the guarantees and effectively combat fraud. Our multilingual teams can analyse and enrich all documents to ensure nearly 100% identity recognition.

User Identity Checks with AML

Our eIDAS-certified facial recognition tools employ selfie and video verification, ensuring that users are who they claim to be. This robust and redundant method eliminates the risk of fraud and identity theft commonly associated with remote verification. Moreover, our AML and CFT systems retrieve all relevant information, flagging potential risks associated with individuals (PPE, Fraud), automatically adding an extra layer of security. 

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Accelerate Customer Journeys 

Integrate our mobile and web solutions into your customer onboarding process to boost conversion rates. Most users give up on online registration because of poor usability and the lack of transparency. Our solution reduces friction and offers a streamlined user experience.

In short, our KYC solution enables you to verify user identities efficiently, streamline customer onboarding for improved user experiences, and reduce fraud and identity theft risks. It’s fully compliant with eIDAS and AML regulations and seamlessly integrated with the other parts of our trust platform. 

Global coverage

With our KYC solution, we verify all types of identity documents recognized by government institutions including:

Identity Card / Passport 

Pay slip 

Tax Notice 

Proof of address 

Driver’s license 

Company registration

Registration document 

Deed of ownership

Criminal record 

Simple and Intuitive Process for End-Users

Our process covers all four essential steps to ensure verification of both of natural persons (KYC) and legal entities (KYB). Each step is flexible enough to be customized based on your requirements.
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Retrieve relevant information and supporting documents.
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Qualification En
Check and analyze consistency across all documents.
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Verification En
Cross-reference the collected data against other data sources.
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Ensure that data is updated over time.